Weeklong Deals for 11/13/17

We’ve got Weeklong Deals this week, the kind you can get good and excited about! Lots of quality roguelikes are discounted, including Crypt of the Necrodancer, Caves of Qud, and Teleglitch. There’s plenty of other neat stuff in there too, so much that I’m not sure what this Friday’s review will be.

It’s good!

Broforce (Review) – Absolutely insane co-op shooter about living the 90s American action dream

Caves of Qud (review) – The ultimate refinement of the classic roguelike formula, with an amazing sci-fi open world built around it

Crypt of the NecroDancer (Review) – Turning a roguelike into a rhythm game makes it hard as balls, but also fun as hell

Downwell (review) – A magnificent roguelike platformer with adorable graphics and tight mechanics

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad (review) – It’s good

A Story About My Uncle (review) – Lovely platforming adventure about grappling around a beautiful world

Teleglitch (Review) – One of my all-time favorite roguelikes, a top-down DOOM-like shooter where death is always moments away

Ghost Master (review) – Quaint puzzle game about scaring people out of their ridiculously haunted houses

Sproggiwood (Review) – Super adorable dungeon-diving roguelike that’s perfect for newcomers to the genre

It stinks!

Coma: Mortuary (Review) – The garbage cloth from which all other boring horror walking sims are cut

The Body Changer (Review) – An attempt at a 3D metroidvania puzzler that just doesn’t have the polish to pull it off



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