Weeklong Deals for 2/26/18

Now here’s a nice slate of Weeklong Deals! We’ve got a good spread of genres including puzzle, adventure, management, and roguelike to choose from, along with a few titles from my current Platformebruary series. There’s more to find than what I’ve listed as well, including adventures like The Journey Down, the Red Faction series, and some not-entirely-terrible-looking hidden object games. Finally, some deals worth perusing!


The Silent Age (Review) – Fine little point-and-click adventure with a good use of time travel (for once)

EDGE (Review) – Excellent, stylish puzzler about moving a cube around tiled levels

Ghoulboy (Review) – Solid retro platformer with a lot of heart and a little jank

WASTED (Review) – Hilarious and challenging first-person roguelike styled after Fallout

Cities in Motion (Review) – Charming management sim about running buses and subways

Blackbay Asylum (review) – Kitschy-as-hell horror adventure with some very effective parts

RymdResa (Review) – Exceptionally chill space roguelike adventure

Two Digits (review) – Do you like numbers? You’ll probably like this!


STANDBY (Review) – Stylish precision platformer with infuriatingly little margin for error

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