Weeklong Deals for 3/4/19

I don’t have a whole lot to offer you in the Weeklong Deals this time, though there are some big names like Civ VI and ARK and House Party. I was actually looking at something called Bloody Spell that seems like a Wuxia Dark Souls, so if you want to take a chance on something you’ve always got options in these lineups. And if you want solid suggestions, simply read on below.

This week you can look forward to the final Platformebruary review tomorrow (most likely), my first Nintendo Switch review, and at least one more review this week on something we played on stream very recently. Speaking of streams, tonight is Yakuza night, Wednesday we’re going back to roguelikes with more Slay the Spire, Friday is variety night as always, and then we’re doing a very special retro console night on Saturday that you’re just gonna have to show up for. I promise it will be unlike any other retro stream you’ve seen!


Sure why not

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons (Review) – A fantastic puzzle adventure with neat mechanics and an emotional story

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Review) – Neat take on procedural open-world stealth

Theatre of the Absurd (Review) – It’s one of the more absurd hidden object games out there, and that’s saying something

Paranormal State: Poison Spring Collector’s Edition (review) – Rather polished HOG that makes a decent introduction to the genre

Teleglitch (Review) – Super good sci-fi survival horror roguelike

The Balcony (Review) – Surprisingly fun chuck-shit-off-a-blacony simulator


This is why not

The Outlaw, The Drunk, & The Whore (Review) – The wrong way to make a top-down retro shooter

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