Weeklong Deals for 8/12/19

Some personal favorites have snuck into the Weeklong Deals this time, Titan Quest and Anodyne among them. We’re also notably light on garbage, but that’s mainly because I haven’t put my thoughts about games like Apparition into a proper review. Someday I hope to have the time to churn out reviews of current Weeklong Deals alongside the actual useful ones I do, but that will have to wait until the big internet riches start rolling in.

For now, expect reviews of Eastshade, Anodyne 2, and an ancient horror HOG to appear this week. We’re also starting up a full journey through West of Loathing on tonight’s stream, and finishing our adventures in Apsulov: End of Gods on Wednesday. Reminder that if you’re an active Patron you can request specific game reviews, and if you’re a Twitch subscriber you can request games to stream. I’m out here trying to cover the games you want to hear about; these Weeklong Deal roundups are just a bad habit.


Excellent Adventures

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (Review) – Somehow this classic indie ARPG is still getting expansions and updates, and it’s still one of my favorites

They Are Billions (Review) – I need to re-review this, but as long as they didn’t foul up survival mode you’ll have a good time

Anodyne (Review) – Lovely Zelda-style adventure with some very atmospheric dreamscapes to explore

Stories Untold (Review) – A little uneven but the horror atmosphere and text parser gameplay are top-notch

Majesty Gold HD (Review) – A little dated but still a very fun hands-off fantasy RTS

The Count Lucanor (Review) – Charming pixel horror that nails the grim fairy tale feel

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (Review) – Interesting side-scrolling shooter with a metal music video aesthetic and Flashback/Blackthorne controls

Hero of the Kingdom (Review) – I will never stop talking about how fun and chill this little trading adventure is

Back to Bed (Review) – Decent little puzzler with a Dali-esque art style

Super 3-D Noah’s Ark (Review) – Your one-stop shop for all the educational Christian Wolf3D shooting you can handle

The Silent Age (Review) – Solid side-scrolling adventure that uses its time travel gimmick well

Pixel Puzzles: Japan (Review) – Perfectly acceptable jigsaw puzzles here

Earth Atlantis (Review) – Neat little boss-hunting shmup with an open map to explore


Bogus Journeys

Kholat (Review) – Super pretty, super boring

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