Weeklong Deals for 8/25/20

It’s time to build! The Weeklong Deals are loaded with Ubisoft builders, including the Anno and Settlers games. While I’ve always preferred the more futuristic Annos, I did pick up the remaster of 1404 and I intend to give that another go after thoroughly enjoying the original version. There’s a good spread of other genres offered up here as well, from pitch-black horror to happy little puzzlers. Oh, and don’t miss the Frogwares sale if you need a Sherlock Holmes fix!



Anno 2205 (Review) – A very different Anno from the ones before, but still very pretty and engrossing

Anno 2070 (Review) – My personal favorite of the series, a deep, melancholy city builder

The Cat Lady (Review) – Brutally dark horror adventure with a terribly effective story

Hard Reset Redux (Review) – Pretty good update on a very pretty but repetitive shooter

FRAMED Collection (Review) – Clever puzzles presented in a comic panel style

Hero of the Kingdom (Review) – The charmingly chill trading adventure that started it all

Straimium Immortaly (Review) – Thoroughly bonkers roguelike shooter

Paranormal State: Poison Spring (Review) – Honestly one of the more solid hidden object games out there

Schein (review) – Fun little puzzle platformer that gets insidiously hard



Kholat (Review) – Squanders an excellent premise and atmosphere on finding notebook pages

ADR1FT (Review) – Somehow makes a space catastrophe boring

Vertiginous Golf (Review) – Mini-golf with all the fun sucked out

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