Weeklong Deals for 9/7/20

A lot of my offbeat favorites are up in the Weeklong Deals right now, if you’d like to try something a little different. SUPERHOT is a perennial classic, while the likes of Aven Colony and Stygian are neat new takes on their respective genres. You’ll have to forgive me if any of these links don’t quite work right, though… WordPress decided their whole editor interface needed an overhaul, so I’m learning to post again.

Speaking of posting again, I’m putting myself on the hook for TWO reviews this week, hopefully breaking the drought we’ve had recently. This is all thanks to the holiday today, so I wouldn’t say get used to this yet.

Yes, yes, YES!

SUPERHOT (Review) – Extremely clever shooter when time only passes when you move, paired with a solid cyberpunk story

Aven Colony (Review) – Relaxing sci-fi city builder set on a wonderfully colorful alien world

Crypt of the NecroDancer (Review) – Brutally hard rhythm roguelike adventure

Deep Sky Derelicts (Review) – Interesting mashup of RPG, tactics, squad management, and deckbuilding

How to Survive (review) – A zombie survival simulator that plays like Diablo with crafting

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones (Review) – Very cool cosmic horror RPG with some tricky mechanics and a cliffhanger ending

Blood and Bacon (Review) – About as much dumb fun as you can have blasting demon pigs

Conarium (Review) – A great love-letter to Lovecraft’s most memorable stories, in first-person horror form

Slain: Back from Hell (Review) – Stylish but crazy hard platform brawler

Devader (Review) – Chaotic arena defense game with some awesome enemies

Sector Six (Review) – Make your own spaceships in this side-scrolling shmup

Gun Metal (Review) – Extremely baseline transforming robot shooter

Cargo Commander (Review) – Roguelike platformer collect-a-thon with a neat story and structure

Omega Strike (Review) – Beautiful but very simple metroidvania

Black Paradox (Review) – Insanely stylish side-scrolling shmup

Serious Scramblers (Review) – Fun little platforming score attack joint

Tusker’s Number Adventure (Review) – A fine example of the edutainment-turned-horror genre

No, no, NO!

Hero of the Kingdom III (Review) – A huge misstep for this chill trading adventure series

Conglomerate 451 (Review) – This cyberpunk dungeon crawler had a lot of promise in Early Access, but it turned out too repetitive and shallow

Cities in Motion 2 (Review) – I still have no idea how you screw up a transport management sim this badly

Alien Breed 2: Assault (review) – Shoot aliens, flip switch, repeat until bored

Deadly 30 (Review) – Impressively boring zombie base defense

Evil (Review) – Hahahahahaha NO

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