Weeklong Deals for 12/13/21

I think the theme of these Weeklong Deals is “games I love that I haven’t reviewed yet.” Spiritfarer, Jupiter Hell, and Paradise Killer are all big recommendations from me after streaming them, even if I haven’t extolled their virtues in text. They also form a wider theme with our other recommendations of adventures, there are a LOT of adventures of all different shapes and sizes available. I seem some all-time favorites of mine on here, so if you need something to tide you over to the Winter Sale, there are some quality picks!

Sure, why not

Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition – Expanded since I played it, this is a charming, heartwarming, unforgettable adventure

Jupiter Hell – Fantastic traditional roguelike using a distinctly Doom aesthetic and sharp presentation

Sundered: Eldritch Edition (Review) – Stylish metroidvania with insane enemies and randomized elements

Paradise Killer – Not for everyone, but a first-person exploration and mystery game that became one of my favorites

Super Motherload (Review) – Solid update to a older mining exploration game

Conarium (Review) – Wonderful first-person Lovecraft adventure

Unforgiving – A Northern Hymn (Review) – Unique horror adventure based on Swedish myth

FRAMED Collection (Review) – Fun little puzzle game based on manipulating comic panels

Hero of the Kingdom II (Review) – The current pinnacle of this chill trading adventure series

Haque (Review) – Neat tradition roguelike with some secrets to uncover

SkyDrift (Review) – Fun arcade racer that feels more than a little like Crimson Skies

This is why not

Transient – Dear god no

Silver Chains (Review) – This is every generic horror game you’ve ever played

Vertiginous Golf (Review) – A miserable little pile of minigolf

Deadly 30 (Review) – Tedious, boring zombie survival

Diorama Dungeoncrawl (Review) – I wanted to like this platformer, but it’s just too frustrating

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