Roguemas The Third Begins!

It’s time to remember the reason for the season: Randomized deadly dugeon dives! Every year I count down a dozen roguelikes to the festive tune of The Twelve Days of Roguemas, and we’re doing just that from today. My first observed Roguemas covered twelve classics of the (modernized) genre, and last year’s celebration was a grab-bag of roguelikes, good and bad alike.

Well, this year we’re going big! All twelve titles I’m talking about this time are recent releases (some still in Early Access) and are definite recommendations. They’re not all big names but they all deserve the attention, and I’m happy to give it! As an example, I’m starting off with Hand of Fate, a truly unique offering that I’m more than happy to gush about in this review.

Reviews will be posted on the website at 8 am PST every day from here through the 21st, and then on Steam whenever I get a free moment (usually an hour or so later). As always, comments and feedback are quite welcome as we celebrate this joyous occasion! Follow the festivities every day on the website right here on the official page:

Roguemas The Third: @ out of Hell


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