Weeklong Deals for 7/30/18

It’s another one of those Weeklong Deals where they just kinda throw all the anime and hidden object games up at once, and a bunch of other random stuff gets caught up in the wave. I mean, XCOM 2 is on sale and a few of the games below are definitely worth your time, but it’s not exactly a banner week for discounts. Still, I’ve got plenty to read about whether you’re looking for a new indie title to occupy yourself or just some angry words about bad, bad games.

I say YES!

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad (Review) – An excellent treatment of a one-note joke that’s both entertaining and clever

Orbt XL (Review) – Arcadey action game about keeping a planet from plunging into a star

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden (Review) – Solid hidden object game heavily inspired by BioShock

Theatre Of The Absurd (Review) – Pretty accurate title for this bizarre and entertaining hidden object game

Reveal The Deep (Review) – Somber puzzle platformer with some excellent horror atmosphere

DevWill (Review) – Charming retro platformer that has an interesting silent film motif

Horizon Shift (Review) – Decent shmup with a unique platforming element

Job the Leprechaun (Review) – Just barely clears the bar for a puzzle platformer, but definitely isn’t bad

Omega Strike (Review) – A lovely little metroidvania that only suffers from being extremely simple

Pixel Puzzles: Japan (Review) – It’s jigsaw puzzles! Make pictures of Japan! That’s it!

Millionaire Manor (Review) – Pretty thin hidden object game, but has some unique modes and a great MC


I say NO!

Frankenstein: Master of Death (Review) – It’s hard for a hidden object game to be too dumb for me, but this one makes the cut

Qubika (Review) – It’s just that light-switching puzzle from every adventure game ever

Eleusis (Review) – Would be a decent horror walking sim if anything ever happened

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals (Review) – Would be a decent point-and-click adventure if anything made any sense

Rush Bros (Review) – Speedrunning has never been so boring

Coma: Mortuary (Review) – The quintessential indie horror walking sim

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