Weeklong Deals for 2/18/19

Welcome back for another week of Weeklong Deals, featuring a bunch of games you should already have and a bunch more you never should have picked up in the first place. Pretty much everything on the list has come around on lists prior, but that doesn’t mean you can just ignore classics like the Patrician games and A Story About My Uncle. In addition to what I have listed, Ghost Recon Wildlands and the Prototype games are on sale, along with all sorts of stuff from Syberia to Postal.

I’ll also mention that SOMA is the daily deal for just $6, and I still consider that one the best horror game I have ever played. So if you need some springtime spooks, that’s an excellent place to start!



A Story About My Uncle (review) – A charming first-person platformer with a fun grappling hook mechanic

Screencheat (Review) – Mostly-dead multiplayer shooter that uses a great gimmick, but fortunately it lives on with bots

Hard Reset Redux (Review) – Flashy robot-smashing FPS that gets a bit samey

Cities in Motion (Review) – The classic super chill transportation company sim

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (Review) – Imagine a classic Prince of Persia shooter that plays like a clever rock opera

Shotgun Legend (Review) – Fun little homage to classic Zelda with a gun-totting hillbilly as your hero

Dark Fall: The Journal (Review) – If you’re looking for more of the classic Myst-style hard-as-nails adventures, you’ll get it here

Patrician III (Review) – One of the best trading sims on Steam, hands down

Mutant Mudds Deluxe (Review) – Solid SNES-style platformer without many bells or whistles

Patrician IV (Review) – Probably not as good as III, but I prefer it for its many quality-of-life improvements



Diamo XL (Review) – A neat idea for an arcade game, but it turns out it’s just not that fun

Welcome to Hanwell (Review) – An open-world horror game is a great idea, but this one is too janky and inconsistent to make it work

Vertiginous Golf (Review) – It’s like mini-golf if you sucked all the joy out of it

Dark Fall 2: Lights Out (Review) – All the worst parts of classic point-and-clicks, condensed into a stupid adventure

Rebons (Review) – Hey look, it’s every challenge platformer ever, just with geometric shapes instead of actual characters this time

Chaos Domain (Review) – In the running for worst platformer on Steam

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