Weeklong Deals for 6/10/19

It’s the week of E3, which is the PERFECT time to pick up some older games of questionable quality! There are some genuine gems in these Weeklong Deals though, and they’re being headlined by The Witcher games so there really is good stuff to grab. Adventure games seem to be the big feature this time, including some favorites like Dark Scavenger.


The Goods

Crypt of the NecroDancer (Review) – Stylish and brutally hard rhythm roguelike

ABZU (Review) – Wonderfully placid ocean exploration adventure

Dark Scavenger (Review) – One of the most unique point-and-click adventures you’ll ever play

This Strange Realm Of Mine (Review) – Interesting mix of retro FPS and adventure

Hero of the Kingdom (Review) – The original super chill trading adventure

Screencheat (Review) – Clever multiplayer FPS that might be dead, but is saved by the addition of bots

The Silent Age (Review) – Low-key retro 70s adventure featuring time travel

The Last NightMary (Review) – Neat little horror adventure

Back to Bed (Review) – Short isometric puzzler inspired by the art of Dali

Shattered Planet (Review) – Great coffee break sci-fi roguelike


The Bads

Cities in Motion 2 (Review) – Absolute garbage compared to the original

Frankenstein: Master of Death (Review) – The rare HOG that’s too dumb for me to enjoy

Smart Cube (Review) – Smart cube, dumb movement

Sinking Island (Review) – Could have been a good murder mystery if there were any logic to progression

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