Weeklong Deals for 5/4/20

Happy Star Wars Day! Not only are all the classic Star Wars games on sale right now, there’s a load of other offerings in the Weeklong Deals to peruse. For franchises, all the Might & Magic games are discounted, along with some notable RPGs like Vampyr and Shadowrun – Hong Kong. Our list here is heavy on horror and shooters, though there are still several pleasant options like Rabi-Ribi and Hero of the Kingdom II.


Consider This

Rabi-Ribi (Review) – Surprisingly deep and unique metroidvania

Long Live The Queen (Review) – Surprisingly deep and unique visual novel

Conarium (Review) – Solid horror adventure that closely follows Lovecraft lore

Dead Effect 2 (Review) – Decent sci-fi zombie shooter with some wild character customization

Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call (Review) – High-quality hidden object adventure, not as good as the previous Nightmares though

Hero of the Kingdom II (Review) – My personal favorite of this delightfully chill series

The Silent Age (Review) – Straightforward adventure with a fun time travel gimmick

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Review) – Okay platformer if you’re big on collect-a-thons

Splatter (review) – Shockingly fun top-down zombie shooter

Devader (Review) – Hectic arena shooter with cool powerups and crazy enemies

Tusker’s Number Adventure (Review) – Entertaining adventure in the “unassuming horror” genre

Blackbay Asylum (review) – Charmingly trashy horror adventure


Don’t Even Think About It

1849 (Review) – Disappointingly imbalanced building sim

Dead Effect (Review) – Totally pointless with Dead Effect 2 around

Deadly 30 (Review) – Uninspired side-scrolling zombie survival

Razenroth (Review) – Huge waste of a Lovecraftian roguelike shooter

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