Weeklong Deals for 12/14/20

Here we are, at the last Weeklong Deals of 2020! They’re really no more or no less than you would expect of Steam’s most played-down deals, but as always, there are indie darlings to lift up from the pile of Unity horror and hentai games. Why, we’ve even got some good indie horror like Conarium and Unforgiving on tap! I doubt anyone’s really raring to go at these deals with the big winter sale starting next week, but like a ratty old blanket, it’s nice to know they’re still here.


Crypt of the NecroDancer (Review) – The catchiest roguelike that will ever destroy you utterly

Super Motherload (Review) – Solid revival of a classic Flash mining adventure

Conarium (Review) – Splendid horror adventure that makes effective use of Lovecraft’s material

City of Brass (Review) – Rip-roaring first-person roguelike with whip combat

Unforgiving – A Northern Hymn (Review) – Unique horror adventure built around Swedish folklore

Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call (Review) – Not as solid as the first Nightmares game, but still a polished hidden object game

Submerged (Review) – Not much more than atmospheric exploration, but man, that atmosphere

FRAMED Collection (Review) – Clever little puzzles about rearranging comic panels

Shattered Planet (Review) – Satisfying sci-fi coffee break roguelike

Schein (review) – Challenging puzzle platformer built around a light gimmick


Knights and Merchants (Review) – Exceptionally tedious RTS

Hero of the Kingdom III (Review) – Here’s where this series took an ill turn

Vertiginous Golf (Review) – Utterly joyless mini golf

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