Weeklong Deals for 1/18/21

The tides of the Weeklong Deals have shifted once again, now towards platformers and roguelikes and bringing the Crysis series along. There are some rarer gems on offer right now like Touhou Luna Nights and Yuppie Psycho that you should definitely consider if you haven’t yet. We’ve even got a small discount on Titan Chaser, a promising indie title that I just checked out last week. Really there’s a little something for everyone, and that’s about the best you can ask from your Weeklongs.


Crysis (Review) – Impressively open first-person military shooter with neat powers to play with

Crysis Warhead (Review) – Honestly more engaging and tightly-paced than the original game

Crysis 2 (Review) – Solid gameplay but much more linear and limited than the previous games

Crysis 3 (Review) – The best of the trilogy, combining large, open areas with impressive themes and visuals

100% Orange Juice – Crazy party board game with tons of characters, strategies, and continuing updates

Touhou Luna Nights (Review) – Clever metroidvania featuring some delightfully bullet-hell bosses

Going Under – Colorful dungeon-crawling roguelike with the perfect theme for 2020 and beyond

Yuppie Psycho (Review) – Creepy pixel horror set in a fantastical corporate office

Titan Chaser – Still early in development, but very unique and atmospheric

Hidden Through Time (Review) – Less tactile than something like Hidden Folks, but user-generated content is big

Blood and Bacon (Review) – Nice and stupid arena FPS

Unworthy (Review) – Solid 2D Dark Souls, complete with some frustrating-as-hell bosses

Hard Reset Redux (Review) – Entertaining, if repetitive, robot shootin’

Spirits Abyss (Review)- Mad, colorful roguelike platformer

Urban Cards – Interesting deckbuilder with a diverse set of deck styles

Chasm (Review) – Charming metroidvania, but hampered by its procedural generation

QT (Review) – It’s just cute and weird, and that’s all I need sometimes

Grand Ages: Rome (Review) – Relaxing city-builder with a neat bit of character progression

Cities in Motion (Review) – Relaxing transportation management sim

SkyDrift (Review) – Arcade flying like Crimson Skies, but as a racer

Straimium Immortaly (Review) – Somehow an even weirder roguelike platformer than Spirits Abyss

Omega Strike (Review) – Pretty but otherwise unremarkable metroidvania

Mysterious Realms RPG (Review) – Really neat combat and dungeon crawling for such a generic name


Darkstone (Review) – A terrible first step into 3D ARPGs

Alien Breed 2: Assault (review) – Were all the Alien Breed games this dull?

Dangerous Golf – Too much golf getting in the way of delightful mayhem

INFERNIUM (Review) – Survival horror Pac Man in a unique world, and it somehow sucks

Nicolas Eymerich – The Inquisitor – Book 1 : The Plague (Review) – Unmanageably awful

Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age (Review) – All style, no substance

Timen runner (Review) – They forgot to title-case their title, which is maybe the least offensive part of this game

Twin Sector (Review) – Legendarily bad

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