Weeklong Deals for 9/27/21

One of my favorite things about the Weeklong Deals is how weird the titles can get when you dig a little. That makes weeks like this one extra special, because there’s a LOT of weird stuff to talk about! Would you like to be a giant crab with a rocket hammer? Or a towering skeleton wandering the USA during the Depression? Or maybe a hacker plugged into an eldritch prophecy of doom? Well, that last one definitely isn’t as fun as it sounds, but you can do it all this week!

Have at it

Dawn of Man (Review) – Charming pre-historic village builder that keeps getting updates

Worms Armageddon – It’s not like Worms ever goes out of style

Crypt of the NecroDancer (Review) – Incredibly intense rhythm-based roguelike

Touhou Luna Nights (Review) – Very solid little metroidvania with very unique mechanics

Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- – Fantastic metroidvania with great fights and great animations

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Review) – Very rough as a game, but worth it for the story vignettes

NEO Scavenger (Review) – Insanely technical post-apocalyptic survival sim

The House of Da Vinci – Fans of first-person tactile puzzle games like The Room will be very happy here

Fight Crab (Review) – You are a crab, and you fight

Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight (Review) – Challenging but fun metroidvania

MOTHERGUNSHIP (Review) – Wild FPS where you put guns on your guns and top them with guns

One Way Heroics (Review) – Solid roguelike with a neat auto-scrolling gimmick

Conarium (Review) – First-person horror that really captures that Lovecraftian feel

Ace of Seafood (Review) – Collect fish to shoot lasers at other fish and rule the oceans

SkyDrift (Review) – Great little arcade flight racer

Nevermind (Review) – An actual indie psychological horror game that works

Tusker’s Number Adventure (Review) – Cute spooky edutainment thing

Have at you

Hard West (Review) – Amazing concept spoiled by some very questionable mechanics

Tower of Guns (Review) – Really just a proof of concept for MOTHERGUNSHIP

Darkstone (Review) – I can’t imagine this was ever worth anyone’s time

Transient – Holy SHIT this game is a mess on every level

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