Weeklong Deals for 10/11/21

Roguelike fans, rejoice! This is the week of Weeklong Deals for you! I’ll always be first in line to recommend Downwell and Teleglitch, but now I can also put Jupiter Hell on that list of procedural death favorites. There are other singular titles to consider as well, like Apsulov and Dark Scavenger, each for their own unique reasons. But whatever gaming predilections you may have this week, there’ll be something for you to enjoy!

We’re in

Jupiter Hell – Sharp, visceral roguelike adventure that definitely isn’t Doom at all

Death Road to Canada (Review) – Hilarious roguelike battle against hordes of zombies

Happy Room (Review) – Dumb fun blowing up test subjects in murder rooms

The Painscreek Killings (Review) – Impressive murder mystery that requires serious work to unravel

Super Motherload (Review) – A fine update to a Flash-based mining adventure

Apsulov: End of Gods (Review) – Extremely creative mix of horror, mythology, and sci-fi

Downwell (Review) – One of my all-time favorite platformer roguelikes

Hard Reset Redux (Review) – A solid FPS for spectacle, but does get repetitive

Neon Drive (Review) – Stylish rhythm game, just don’t go in expecting, y’know, driving

Tiny Echo – Charming, serene little point-and-click adventure

The Town of Light (Review) – An actual effective psychological horror game, but might be a bit much for some

Teleglitch (Review) – Another favorite roguelike, this one a top-down survival horror joint

Pid (Review) – Neat little puzzle platformer

Haque (Review) – Retro-styled roguelike with something more beneath the surface

Dark Scavenger (Review) – Incredibly unique text-based adventure

You’re out

Knights and Merchants (Review) – One of the most tedious RTSes I’ve ever played

Until I Have You (Review) – Looks neat, but the action is incredibly frustrating

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