Weeklong Deals for 10/18/21

Quality! That’s what we like to see in the Weeklong Deals, and this is one of those rare weeks where there’s plenty of quality to choose from. Nova Drift, Tangledeep, and Everspace are all extremely solid games, and just happen to be excellent roguelikes, too! There’s plenty of other stuff to choose from, so if you can’t hold out for the big Halloween sale next week, you’ve definitely got options.

Lookin’ good

They Are Billions (Review) – Particularly brutal zombie survival RTS

Nova Drift (Review) – The absolute pinnacle of the Asteroids subgenre

Tangledeep (Review) – Lovely dungeon-delving roguelike with lush SNES-style graphics

Everspace (Review) – Beautiful space action roguelike

Ash of Gods: Redemption (Review) – Pitch-black fantasy RPG built in the Banner Saga engine

Spirits Abyss (Review) – Insane platformer roguelike in a wild, vibrant dungeon

Cities in Motion (Review) – Nice, chill transportation management sim

Dead Effect 2 (Review) – Bog standard zombie shooter, but has loads of neat character progression

Conarium (Review) – Surprisingly good cosmic horror adventure

Gun Metal (Review) – Decent retro robot shooter

Straimium Immortaly (Review) – Boy, you thought Spirits Abyss was weird?

Hero of the Kingdom (Review) – The original super chill trading adventure

Horizon Shift (Review) – Unique shmup with a platforming element

Shattered Planet (Review) – Neat little coffee-break sci-fi roguelike

Lookin’ rough

Transient – Absolutely insane mess of a Lovecraftian horror game

Neverending Nightmares (review) – Tedious and unfun, despite the aesthetic

Dead Effect (Review) – Bog standard zombie shooter with nothing to redeem it

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals (Review) – Interesting mess of a point-and-click, but still a mess

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge (Review) – Tedious and gross

Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age (Review) – Entirely style over substance

Tech Corp. (Review) – Ahhh, the perils of Early Access

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