Weeklong Deals for 2/5/18

Finally, working Weeklong Deals! I mean, the entire list repeats once so it still doesn’t work right but I’ll take it! Even when you cut the dupes out it’s a dense week, heavy on shooters (a bunch of EA games like Crysis and Prototype are up) and hidden object games. There’s plenty of good and plenty of bad to peruse, so poke through the list for something that suits you!


The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom (Review) – Excellent competitive city-builder

Teleglitch (Review) – Intense survival horror roguelike, one of my favorites

Daily Chthonicle: Editors Edition (Review) – Awesome text adventure/management sim about a supernatural newspaper

Zombie Driver HD (Review) – Gory, chaotic driving sim with a huge map and plenty to do

9 Clues: Secret of Serpent Creek (review) – Cheesy B-horror hidden object game

Nihilumbra (Review) – Clever puzzle platformer built around a painting mechanic

Weird Park Trilogy (review) – Very solid trio of hidden object games

Dead Effect 2 (Review) – Mindless, janky zombie shooter with tons of loot and game modes


Left In the Dark: No One On Board (Review) – Messy, confusing hidden object joint

NeverEnd (Review) – Would be a pretty neat first-person roguelike if it had any difficulty balance whatsoever

Dead Effect (Review) – Mindless, janky zombie shooter without any cool loot or game modes

Woodle Tree Adventures (Review) – Like Mario 64 without any of the good design or fun

Mover (Review) – One of the most pointless games on Steam

The Emptiness: Deluxe Edition (review) – Idiotic FMV horror picture hunt

Langoth (Review) – Incomprehensible garbage

Chaos Domain (Review) – Legendarily bad platformer


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