Weeklong Deals for 10/21/19

Sure, there’s a big sale coming next week, but why wait! These Weeklong Deals are stuffed full of quality titles you should have picked up already! Everything from action to roguelikes to management sims are up for grabs, so peruse this list and see what it is you’ve been missing.

Spooky Games 6 is still going strong, with a look at the recent Lovecraftian RPG Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones today. We’ve got more reviews coming this week, along with streams of Lone Survivor and Scanner Sombre in the evenings if you want to join us for some classic horror viewing. And be sure to keep an eye on our Discord because we’re going to be talking about our post-Spooktober streaming schedule this week!



Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (Review) – Not as detailed or robust as Grim Dawn, but still one of my all-time favorite ARPGs

HARDCORE MECHA (Review) – Solid giant robot platformer shooter with some great movement

Megaquarium (Review) – A charming, in-depth simulator of running your own public aquarium

One Finger Death Punch 2 (Review) – A pretty significant step up from the delightful chaos of the first game

The Painscreek Killings (Review) – One of the few honest-to-god murder mystery detective games on Steam

Cogmind (Review) – An intimidating but ridiculously deep roguelike featuring dynamic builds and a living world

Wuppo (Review) – Intensely adorable platformer that’s more of an adventure than anything

Blood and Bacon (Review) – Plenty of dumb fun blowing up demonic pigs in this arena FPS

One Finger Death Punch (Review) – Still a fantastic rhythm murder game, even with the second one out

Dead Effect 2 (Review) – Middling sci-fi zombie shooter propped up by some crazy character progression

Hero of the Kingdom II (Review) – The best of these incredibly chill trading adventures

Out There Somewhere (review) – Fantastic but short puzzle platformer

SkyDrift (Review) – Very enjoyable arcade airplane racing, you’ll just be stuck with bots at this point

Splatter (review) – Decent top-down zombie shooter with a hilarious story

Daily Chthonicle (Review) – Very unique horror management sim about investigating and reporting on eldritch horrors

Horizon Shift (Review) – Decent little platformer/shmup hybrid

The Little Slime (Review) – Interesting little off-beat platformer



Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity (Review) – Bloody awful controls for what’s supposed to be a precision platformer

Knights and Merchants (Review) – Slow, janky RTS action is not my cup of tea

Dead Effect (Review) – Perfectly banal sci-fi zombie shooter

1 Screen Platformer (Review) – Honestly it’s just not that good of a screen

Super Toy Cars (review) – Like Re-Volt except terrible

NeverEnd (Review) – Baby’s first terribly balanced Isaac ripoff

1953 – KGB Unleashed (Review) – Janky, confusing, and boring

American Patriots: The Swamp Fox (Review) – Ugly, confusing, and dumb

Langoth (Review) – Your guess is as good as mine

Crab Dub (Review) – Flames… on, on the side of my face…

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