Weeklong Deals for 11/11/19

Not every batch of Weeklong Deals is going to be a winner, and this one certainly isn’t. There are decent picks as always, like Long Live The Queen and Catmaze, but nothing that’s really going to set your world on fire. There are more sales on the horizon, of course, with another big one coming in just two weeks, so maybe pinch those pennies and look to the games you’ve really been wanting to play.

I’ve got a full week of reviews planned, partly to make up for our uncertain streaming situation. I’ll be hearing more about what’s going on with my beleaguered internet connection, but for now I’ve called off tonight’s stream, partly because of these issues and partly because I’m working late. We could really use your support now, more than ever while we get back on our feet, so if you want to help out consider joining our Patreon for as little as one dollar a month!


This pleases me

Long Live The Queen (Review) – Well-written and involved visual novel about surviving vicious court intrigue

The Padre (Review) – We just talked about how good this cheeky voxel adventure is, so now’s your chance

Catmaze (Review) – Solid metroidvania steeped in Slavic myth

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Review) – Decent but unremarkable platformer

Bit Blaster XL (Review) – Pretty good pixelly score-attack shmup

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden (Review) – It’s BioShock: The Hidden Object Game and I am very much here for that

Shotgun Legend (Review) – Pretty good little homage to the original Zelda

Dogolrax (Review) – Honestly, you just have to give this one a chance

Silence of the Sleep (review) – Pretty unique side-scrolling horror game, in terms of pacing


Begone from my sight

Slender: The Arrival (Review) – Absolute garbage and proof that the Steam review gestalt will find ways to disappoint you

Broken Armor (Review) – Entirely too bare-bones to be worth your time

Nicolas Eymerich – The Inquisitor – Book 1 : The Plague (Review) – Almost makes it to so-bad-it’s-good but unfortunately stops at bad

Diorama Dungeoncrawl (Review) – I wanted to like this one more than I did, but the quality just isn’t there

Deadly Traps (Review) – More like Boring Traps

The Body Changer (Review) – Decent idea, horrible execution

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