Weeklong Deals for 1/13/20

Okay, now we’ve got some Weeklong Deals worth talking about! Some recent favorites of mine have shown up, including the lovely Eastshade and the creepy Yuppie Psycho. There’s also a new entry in the Rusty Lake/Cube Escape series, and perhaps to celebrate all the previous games are discounted. It’s a big week for adventures and horror, and there’s plenty to like with this lineup.

In case anyone missed the other announcements, we’re expanding our streaming operation from this week with a chill new initiative. After everyone enjoyed Dragon Quest Builders 2 so much last Friday, I’m going to start doing unscheduled chill streams to continue it on my off days. That means on any Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday, I might toss up a random stream for questing and constructing. Be sure to follow at least one of our social channels for the announcements, or just follow our Twitch channel to be notified when we go live!


See Here

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (Review) – The classic mythical ARPG, now with improved balance and speed controls

Eastshade (Review) – Breathtakingly charming adventure with no combat or monsters, only painting and joy

Yuppie Psycho (Review) – Creative pixel horror adventure set in a bizarre office building

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (Review) – Solid wild west shooter with fantastic story and narration

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (Review) – Not the rollicking good time Gunslinger is, but still a decent western FPS

Rusty Lake Hotel (Review) – A key entry in the Rusty Lake series, but definitely weaker than the other games on Steam

Rusty Lake: Roots (Review) – Great macabre adventure game, following generations of a cursed family

Rusty Lake Paradise (Review) – Another fine creepy adventure in the Rusty Lake series

Cube Escape: Paradox (Review) – Part of the Rusty Lake universe, this one is free but the back half of the game is DLC and on sale

Conarium (Review) – A delightfully creepy Lovecraft horror adventure that’s incredibly devoted to the source material

Super Motherload (Review) – Good revival of the classic Flash mining game

Seeds of Resilience (Review) – An unusual turn-based take on survival games, but one that’s chill enough to be worth it

Shadowgate (Review) – Fine remake of the original punishing adventure, which changes enough to make it its own thing

Unforgiving – A Northern Hymn (Review) – One of the best first-person indie horror games I’ve played, steeped in fascinating Swedish folklore

Hero of the Kingdom (Review) – Wonderfully chill trading adventure

OK/NORMAL (Review) – Neat little horror game built around the memorable PS1 aesthetic

The Last NightMary (Review) – Short but atmospheric Brazilian horror adventure

Stronghold Crusader HD (Review) – About as good as straight castle sieging gets


Not Here

Darkstone (Review) – One of the very first 3D ARPGs, and it shows in some very painful ways

Nicolas Eymerich – The Inquisitor – Book 1 : The Plague (Review) – Almost so bad it’s funny, but no, it’s just bad

American Patriots: The Swamp Fox (Review) – Terrible on every level

The Dungeon Power (Review) – Boring dungeon runner

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