Weeklong Deals for 7/13/20

It’s been awhile for Weeklong Deals, hasn’t it? Well, all those huge, sprawling sales have finally gotten out of the way so we can get back to the random deals of questionable nature we all know and love! This is the week for the Far Cry franchise, probably because of the Far Cry 6 announcement, but it’s still a good time to grab any interesting entries you may have missed. There are a few more gems sprinkled in here between all the oddities, and I might try to grab one or two more for reviews this week to feature.




Far Cry Primal (Review) – Different enough from other Far Crys to be worth a look, but still very familiar with its map full of tasks to check off

Far Cry 4 (Review) – A distinct improvement over 3, though not much of a difference in experience

Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon (Review) – Small in scope, but one of the freshest and funniest Far Cry titles around

Far Cry 3 (Review) – More modern than 2 with a greater variety of activities, but saddled with an absolutely terrible story

Far Cry 2 (Review) – Still the all-around best Far Cry game, even as it starts to show its age

Far Cry (Review) – Revolutionary at the time, but really has not aged well in terms of gameplay

Abandon Ship (Review) – An impressive open-world sailing adventure

How to Survive (review) – Odd little zombie survival ARPG with some neat crafting

Dead Effect 2 (Review) – Neat sci-fi zombie shooter with crazy character customization

The Silent Age (Review) – A charming point-and-click adventure with a solid time travel mechanic

Hero of the Kingdom II (Review) – The current peak of this chill trading adventure series

EDGE (Review) – Stylish puzzle game about navigating a cube through mazes

Silence of the Sleep (review) – Interesting horror adventure featuring a unique pace and structure



Dead Effect (Review) – Zombie shooting without any charm or interesting hook

INFERNIUM (Review) – Survival horror Pac-Man sounds incredible, but it’s so boring here

Deadly 30 (Review) – Boring, repetitive side-scrolling zombie shootin’

Hack, Slash, Loot (review) – A roguelike with literally no strategy

Woodle Tree Adventures (Review) – Tries really hard to be Mario 64, but just can’t manage anywhere near the same quality

Evil (Review) – This is every pointless garbage indie horror game ever

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