Weeklong Deals for 3/26/18

For once, the Weeklong Deals take on some titles that don’t normally fall within their purview. If you’ve been waiting for big names like They Are Billions or Railway Empire to come down in price, now might be the time to strike. They’re joined by some other interesting titles across all sorts of genres, platformers and horror particularly represented. I might take a look myself at Glass Masquerade, a curious sort of art deco puzzle game I don’t remember seeing before.

Tomorrow I’ll be covering a Weeklong regular that’s been highly requested (and is highly deserving of a review), so keep an eye out for that one!

Nice Pick

They Are Billions (Review) – Extremely engaging RTS/builder hybrid about surviving the steampunk zombie apocalypse

Railway Empire (Review) – A fine successor to the Railroad Tycoons of yore, with plenty of design options

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (review) – Decent attempt at an open-world, procedural stealth game

Renowned Explorers: International Society (Review) – Deep strategic roguelike with a bright, upbeat style and brilliant combat system

NOT A HERO (Review) – Side-scrolling gunplay has rarely been this chaotic or fun

Omega Strike (Review) – Decent baseline metroidvania with some lovely art

Happy Room (Review) – Nothing wrong with killing a few hundred clones in this goofy murder simulator

One Way Heroics (Review) – Solid retro-style roguelike with a clever gimmick and plenty of content built upon it

Unholy Heights (review) – Adorable mash-up of tower defense and apartment management and extremely Japanese monsters

Timberman (Review) – Chop wood! All the wood!

Poor Choice

Slender: The Arrival (Review) – Makes the legendary fiend about as threatening as a coatrack

A Boy and His Blob (Review) – You won’t find a hint of the original’s uniqueness in this remake

Dead Pixels (Review) – It would be a decent run-and-gun zombie shooter if it had any variety to it at all

Kholat (Review) – Beautiful horror adventure with absolutely no depth to it whatsoever

Sinister City (Review) – I wish this goofy hidden object joint was better than it was, but it’s brutally unpolished

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