Weeklong Deals for 2/11/19

Really? We’re really doing this? I mean, there are Weeklong Deals to be had even if the Lunar New Year sale just ended. And who knows, maybe you were sick for an entire week? Maybe you were debating Spec Ops: The Line so hard you missed the end of the sale? Well, whatever your corner-case is, I’ll get to the bottom of it! Seriously, all the Civilizations and XCOMs and stuff are still on sale, surely there’s something you forgot to pick up.


Crypt of the NecroDancer (Review) – Innovative rhythm-based roguelike with infuriatingly catchy tunes

Renowned Explorers: International Society (Review) – Explore the world with clever turn-based combat in this dashing roguelike adventure

Project AURA (Review) – This is bound to be one of the hardest city-builders you’ll ever get into, but it’s worth it

The Silent Age (Review) – Nice lightweight point-and-click with a solid story

Submerged (Review) – Great lush post-apocalyptic atmosphere, just not a whole lot to do

Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call (Review) – Not as good as the first, but still a fine hidden object outing

Hero of the Kingdom (Review) – Fantastically chill little fantasy adventure

Grand Ages: Rome (Review) – Solid Roman city builder with a neat character progression system

Imperium Romanum Gold Edition (Review) – The precursor to Grand Ages, falls a little more on the Tropico side

Ghost Master (review) – A classic reverse-Sims where you scare away the mortal inhabitants of homes

Reveal The Deep (Review) – Excellent little atmospheric horror platformer

Omega Strike (Review) – Beautiful but bare-bones metroidvania

BioShock Remastered (Review) – It’s BioShock

BioShock 2 Remastered (Review) – It feels like a weak expansion to the first, except for how it somehow has the best combat in the series

BioShock Infinite (Review) – The story is pretty much trash (and the DLC is worse) but I can’t deny the fun of high-flying shootouts

Mirror Mysteries (Review) – About as acceptable as HOGs get

Back to Bed (Review) – Neat little Dali-esque puzzler

Princess Isabella (review) – Charming Disneylike HOG with a very cool final boss

Job the Leprechaun (Review) – The most basic platformer I will ever give a pass


Borderlands (Review) – Nah

Savage Lands (Review) – Still not any closer to being good, it seems

Left in the Dark: No One on Board (Review) – Murder mystery HOG with an absolutely stupid mystery

Until I Have You (Review) – Hey, I just talked about this one!

Darkstone (Review) – Maybe a decent ARPG a long, long time ago

STANDBY (Review) – Totally does not get how challenge platformers work

Deadly Traps (Review) – This one gets it, it just doesn’t do it well

Twin Sector (Review) – Uuuuuuhghghhgghghghg

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