Weeklong Deals for 2/3/20

Okay, this time we’ve got stuff to talk about! Some personal favorites have found their way into the Weeklong Deals, including Dawn of Man, Nova Drift, and Brigador. That’s hardly all, either, so be sure to scan the list for indie gems that might just suit you.

Don’t forget that Platformebruary 2020 is in full effect right now, with new reviews on platformers great and small each and every day. Today’s topic wasn’t so hot, but I assure you tomorrow’s will be a good one! I’ll also start mentioning that next week is our fabled prime-time week for streams, where I’ll be doing additional streams from 1pm – 5pm PST on Monday the 10th, Wednesday the 12th, and Friday the 14th. If you can’t normally tune in live this might be your chance, and if you’re around in the afternoon and evening you’ll be getting double the streams!


Dawn of Man (Review) – Very solid village-builder about stewarding a pre-history society

Nova Drift (Review) – This roguelike shooter is the absolute pinnacle of the Asteroids genre

Brigador (Review) – Excellent isometric mech action joint, and perhaps the most cyberpunk game on Steam

Apsulov: End of Gods (Review) – A truly unique, truly terrifying horror adventure that mixes sci-fi and folklore

Hand of Fate (Review) – Clever mix of roguelike, deckbuilding, and third-person action elements

Blood and Bacon (Review) – This discount arena shooter is dumb fun, but it’s still fun

FRAMED Collection (Review) – A neat bunch of noir puzzlers where you rearrange story panels to great effect

The Light Keeps Us Safe (Review) – Wonderfully atmospheric stealth adventure that sadly does not feel very finished

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Review) – Still a decent attempt at an open-world stealth game

Gun Metal (Review) – Some decent baseline mech action

Black Paradox (Review) – Insanely 80s side-scrolling shmup

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered (Review) – Charming and challenging spelling puzzle adventure


Neverending Nightmares (review) – Looks great, sounds great, tedious as all hell

INFERNIUM (Review) – Survival horror Pac-Man deserves better than this

NeverEnd (Review) – Kinda like Binding of Isaac with all the fun and interesting bits removed

Eleusis (Review) – I think horror games are supposed to be scary at some point

Until I Have You (Review) – Janky, frustrating cyberpunk platformer

Vertiginous Golf (Review) – More like Joyless Golf

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge (Review) – I’m glad this guy went on to make better games, but this one… whoof

Langoth (Review) – Your guess is as good as mine

Crab Dub (Review) – Just thinking about this game makes me angry

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