Weeklong Deals for 3/23/20

Steam’s definitely putting more into the Weeklong Deals each week, because this is a solid streak of quality deals to peruse. Entire franchises like Divinity are on sale, along with big names like Tropico 6, Hand of Fate, and Rust. Some of my personal favorites have come around again, including Apsulov, Open Sorcery, Smoke and Sacrifice, and the Amanita adventures. If you’re stuck with too much time on your hands and not enough games, these should fill the gap!


Let’s do it!

Machinarium (Review) – Impossibly charming point-and-click adventure in a fascinating world of robots

Hand of Fate (Review) – Interesting mix of roguelike dungeon-crawling, deckbuilding, and third-person combat

Apsulov: End of Gods (Review) – Terrifying horror adventure that merges Norse mythology with science fiction

Botanicula (Review) – Another terrific point-and-click adventure about the adorable worlds hiding behind every leaf and branch

Fate Hunters (Review) – Decent alternative to Slay the Spire for some deckbuilding dungeon-crawling

Happy Room (Review) – Some of the most fun you’re going to have designing murder rooms

Blood and Bacon (Review) – Impressively stupid arena FPS that you will love every idiotic second of

Shadowgate (Review) – A fine remake of this classic adventure that preserves the spirit while bringing plenty of new stuff to the table

Super Motherload (Review) – Another good remake of an old game, this one a tunneling adventure beneath the surface of Mars

Slain: Back from Hell (Review) – Hard as hell platformer, but metal enough to make up for it

Open Sorcery (Review) – A fantastic text adventure that paints a fascinating picture of a world where magic has been codified

OK/NORMAL (Review) – Creepy adventure that very much plays up the old PSX aesthetic

Smoke and Sacrifice (Review) – Very unique and creative crafting adventure

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (Review) – An interesting modernization of Prince of Persia platforming with a music video feel

Gun Metal (Review) – Decent if unremarkable giant robot game

Black Paradox (Review) – Solid sci-fi side-scrolling shooter with some wild weapons and that 80s vaporwave aesthetic

Reveal The Deep (Review) – Atmospheric platform adventure about exploring a sunken ship all alone

The Last NightMary (Review) – Neat little Brazilian horror adventure

Daily Chthonicle: Editor’s Edition (Review) – Super unique horror management sim


Let’s definitely not do it!

Hero of the Kingdom III (Review) – A shocking disappointment after the first two amazing games

Neverending Nightmares (review) – More like neverending tedium

INFERNIUM (Review) – Open-world survival horror Pac-Man, except it’s bad

Until I Have You (Review) – Could have been a neat cyberpunk platformer, but way, way too clunky to enjoy

The Inner Darkness (Review) – Utterly unremarkable puzzle platformer

Langoth (Review) – I still have no idea what this is

Gift of Parthax (Review) – Promising magical arena brawler, but doesn’t manage to meet that promise

Canyon Capers (Review)- Uhhghghghghghghg

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