Platformebruary 2019: The Authoritative Collection

You know as well as I do we don’t do February around here, we do PLATFORMEBRUARY! There are literally thousands of platformers kicking around on Steam, with more added almost daily, and someone needs to dig in there and find the ones that are worth checking out. That’s why every year, I devote our shortest month to one of my biggest series, reviewing one platformer every single day. And this is the first year we’ve had serious support from developers, allowing us to look at a LOT more big-name titles than ever before!

Reviews will be posted on the website every day at 8am PST, and appear on the list below shortly thereafter. You’ll also find them listed on our Steam curator page, for easier store perusal. I’ve been streaming the titles we’ll be covering every Wednesday for the last few weeks, and I’ll be continuing to do so through the end of February, if you’d like to see live impressions and gameplay. Pop over to our Twitch channel and give us a follow to watch live, or check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to see everything we’ve played through so far.

First review goes up tomorrow at 8am, and it’s a sweet one! We’re going to hit these platformers running!

1. Celeste

2. Spark the Electric Jester

3. Until I Have You

4. Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight


6. Cuphead

7. Grapple Force Rena

8. Sundered: Eldritch Edition

9. The Floor is Jelly

10. Catmaze

11. Pocket Kingdom

12. Seraph

13. Forward to the Sky

14. External Visions

15. Environmental Station Alpha

16. Pharaoh Rebirth+

17. Monochroma

18. Ghost 1.0

19. Superfighters Deluxe

20. Super Cloudbuilt

21. Rabi-Ribi