Weeklong Deals for 6/4/18

The Weeklong Deals just kept going and going this week! A lot of bests from these lists have come back around, along with some rarities like Condemned: Criminal Origins. Definitely don’t miss out on Odallus or Tiny and Big either, and if you need some hidden object games to round out your library it’s a good week for those, too. Really no matter what you’re looking for you’re bound to find something, so grab a drink and have a gander at everything I’ve reviewed for this grand list.

None of them made the list this time, but don’t forget FPSummer is rolling through June at this very moment! I had a look at Immortal Redneck today which is very much a new favorite of mine in the roguelike-FPS space.

I think so!

Condemned: Criminal Origins (Review) – Aside from dated graphics, this is an all-time great horror FPS

Death Coming (Review) – A charming and creative puzzler held back by a little jank

Odallus: The Dark Call (Review) – This dark fantasy platformer honestly rates with the likes of Shovel Knight in quality

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition (Review) – It’s not the best way to experience this classic, but it definitely gets the job done

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Review) – A slow-paced but engaging procedural stealth game

Shotgun Legend (Review) – Not a bad stab at the classic Zelda style of action-adventuring

Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers (Review) – Surprisingly fun third-person platformer with some amazing gimmicks

Cargo Commander (Review) – Interesting roguelike platformer lootfest

Weird Park Trilogy (review) – Solid set of hidden object titles that vary in complexity

Wyv and Keep (Review) – Devilishly tricky puzzle platformer where you control a pair of spelunkers

Mirror Mysteries (Review) – Perfectly acceptable hidden object outing

Princess Isabella (review) – Charming hidden object title with an actual boss battle search


I think not!

Knights and Merchants (Review) – A classic RTS far too complex for its own good

Bardbarian (Review) – I love the concept, but the execution puts me to sleep

Broken Armor (Review) – Too rough around the edges to fit the retro action bill

Cities in Motion 2 (Review) – Like Cities in Motion 1, except nothing works and everything sucks

Sinister City (Review) – A depressingly buggy, corny hidden object game

Grand Hand (Review) – Used to be called Wonderful Hand, still terrible though

Twin Sector (Review) – A classic example of indie garbage

The Emptiness (review) – Look at everything else on this list, and then realize this might be the worst game on it

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