Weeklong Deals for 3/8/21

If roguelikes are your jam, this will probably be the week for you! The Weeklong Deals are weighted towards all kinds of procedurally-generated deathtraps, from platformers to minesweeper. Platformers are similarly well-represented, along with some more obscure titles that I’ve been wanting to shine some light on.

You have chosen wisely

The Long Dark (review) – Premier junk scavenging survival sim, though I can’t speak for the story mode

Nova Drift (Review) – About as good as Asteroids-style action gets, with a clever roguelike progression layer

100% Orange Juice – Surprisingly deep party board game

ABZU (Review) – Peaceful, imaginative underwater journey

Unworthy (Review) – Stylish but rough 2D Dark Souls

DemonCrawl (Review) – Brilliant combination of Minesweeper, roguelike, and RPG mechanics

Fate Hunters (Review) – Decent swing at a deckbuilding roguelike

Blood and Bacon (Review) – Good, dumb FPS arena fun

Sea Salt – A grand ol’ time leading the minions of the Old Ones around in terrible pixel slaughter

Spirits Abyss (Review) – Colorful, chaotic roguelike platformer

Chasm (Review) – Solid metroidvania hurt by its dependence on procedural generation

Hard Reset Redux (Review) – An improvement over the original release, but still a rather bullet-spongey FPS

BUTCHER (Review) – Brutal, unrelenting platform action

Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call (Review) – Good hidden object game, not quite as good as the previous entry

Teleglitch (Review) – An all-time great survival horror roguelike

Straimium Immortaly (Review) – I barely understand what’s going on here, but it makes for a good roguelike

FreeCell Quest (Review) – All the freecell solitaire you can handle, in a thin RPG wrapper

Shattered Planet (Review) – Neat coffee break roguelike

Tusker’s Number Adventure (Review) – Charming little entry in the creepy edutainment genre

He chose… poorly

Alien Breed 2: Assault (review) – About as baseline as top-down shooters get

Dangerous Golf – Entirely too hung up on actual golf rules to let you get crazy

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