Weeklong Deals for 9/13/21

Steam got their biggest shovels out for this round of Weeklong Deals, and not just by volume. We got tons of adventures, platformers, and assorted garbage to sort through, and that leaves us with a list of imposing stature. Of particular note, Blasphemous is on sale this week, which happens to correlate nicely with us starting to stream it tonight. But even past that, there’s plenty to poke through, and I guarantee you’ll find something worth your time.


Golf With Your Friends (Review) – With or without friends, this is a fun little romp on the wilder side of mini-golf

Blasphemous (Review) – Gloriously gory and inventive metroidvania

Going Under – Colorful and fun roguelike with some very on-the-nose messaging about modern work

Brigador (Review) – Technically intense isometric chaos in a solid cyberpunk dystopia

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (Review) – Entertaining Wild West FPS where the narration is the real star

The House of Da Vinci 2 – Pick this up if you finished the first one, it’s more of the same and just as solid

Hidden Through Time (Review) – Charming little hidden object finder with player-made levels

The Final Station (Review) – Neat side-scrolling adventure with survival elements

Hand of Fate (Review) – Unique mix of roguelike, deckbuilder, and brawler

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (Review) – Not as entertaining or steady as Gunslinger, but still fine

Blood and Bacon (Review) – Dumb arena shootin’ fun

BUTCHER (Review) – Insanely brutal platform shooter

Skautfold: Usurper (Review) – Very unique dark fantasy metroidvania

Miasmata (Review) – Turns out there is such a thing as a “hardcore walking sim”, and it’s actually really fun

Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers (Review) – Shockingly good third-person puzzle platformer

Drox Operative (Review) – Very unique ARPG set in an open, chaotic galaxy

Back to Bed (Review) – Solid little Dali-inspired puzzler

Daily Chthonicle: Editor’s Edition (Review) – Super cool paranormal management sim

The Padre (Review) – Neat callback to classic survival horror games


Cloudpunk (Review) – Entirely too weak on the writing for a narrative-driven game

The Bridge (Review) – Just not clever enough for an Escher puzzler

Hero of the Kingdom III (Review) – Where this series went off the rails

Razenroth (Review) – Waste of a great concept in eldritch arena adventuring

rooMaze (Review) – Painful roguelike dungeon crawler

NeverEnd (Review) – Even more tedious than rooMaze

Langoth (Review) – Nope

Canyon Capers (Review) – NOPE

Crab Dub (Review) – OH COME ON

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