Weeklong Deals for 2/25/19

It’s a good week to get weird, if your library is plagued by normalcy! The Weeklong Deals are heavy on the stranger, more out-there games on Steam, and a few of them are even good. Don’t miss out on Catmaze for mythical platforming, RymdResa for weird drifting in space, and Dogolrax for… something? And we’ve got a whole raft of bad reviews to enjoy as well! …Reviews for bad games, not badly-written reviews.

We’re also currently selecting our March Reader’s Choice review, and we’ve got four very interesting options to choose from. Pop over here before noon PST on Wednesday to vote and help us decide what to look at next month!


Things to buy

Broforce (Review) – Absolutely chaotic platform shooter that you are legally obligated to play if you are AMURICAN

Shadow Warrior (Review) – Surprisingly solid revival of the old FPS with some super satisfying swordplay

Long Live The Queen (Review) – Extremely technical visual novel where death lingers around every choice you make

Downwell (Review) – Fantastic roguelike platformer that’s incredibly satisfying to master

Catmaze (Review) – If you can stomach a little jank, this is a great indie metroidvania built on Slavic myth

The Cat Lady (Review) – Pitch-black horror adventure that touches on some uncomfortably human themes

Orbt XL (Review) – Neat little score-attack joint about keeping planets in orbit

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad (Review) – You’ll be surprised how much deeper this one goes beyond the joke

The Count Lucanor (Review) – Lovely pixel art horror adventure based on an old fairy tale

RymdResa (Review) – Very chill space roguelike about drifting around a very weird universe

Port Royale 2 (Review) – Dated but one of the best trading sims on Steam for the value

Mr. Sweet (Review) – Creepy yet surprisingly fun runner

Bloody Streets (Review) – Decent little top-down zombie shooter

Dogolrax (Review) – Weird af


Things to not

Rise of Insanity (Review) – A very pretty mess of “psychological horror” tropes

Broken Armor (Review) – Decent concept, but just not enough depth to justify it

Das Geisterschiff (Review) – Cool aesthetic, boring everything else

Taimumari (Review) – They tried to make a cute retro platformer, and overtuned it all to hell

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals (Review) – Way too confusing and awkward to work

99 Levels to Hell (Review) – Like Spelunky with more guns and less quality

House of Evil (Review) – no

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