Weeklong Deals for 11/4/19

As if we didn’t just come off a big ol’ sale, these Weeklong Deals are a veritable bounty of good stuff. Eastshade, Star Traders, Caves of Qud, Unforgiving, and Odallus are all pro picks, and that’s just off the top of my head. My list is heavy on roguelikes and adventures this time, but I can just about guarantee you’ll find something you want here.

Despite the ongoing internet issues at GPG HQ, we’re going to get back to at least attempting streams tonight with a prospective look at Abandon Ship. We’ll be doing one-off streams like this until we’re on a rock-solid connection again, and if we have to cancel one night we’ll just move that night’s game to the next. Kindly give our Twitch channel a follow to keep up with when we’re on and when things get back to normal.

One last note! Changes are coming to our Patreon that will give Patrons more opportunities to request games for me to review and give feedback on stuff. I’ll be announcing these changes tomorrow and pushing to reach our next funding goal this month, so if you’d like to get ahead of the game now, consider chucking a dollar our way each month!



Eastshade (Review) – Gorgeous, charming first-person adventure with painting instead of fighting

Crypt of the NecroDancer (Review) – The catchiest roguelike you’ll ever play

Star Traders: Frontiers (Review) – Mind-bogglingly deep starship command sim with a completely open universe

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (Review) – Solid Wild West FPS with an amazing narrator and story

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (Review) – Rough around the edges, but still a fine choice for Wild West shootin’

Sanctum 2 (Review) – An impressive improvement on the FPS tower defense of the first game

Sanctum (Review) – FPS tower defense is a fine concept, but is limited in scope here

Caves of Qud (review) – Honestly shaping up to be the best classic-style roguelike of all time

Hand of Fate (Review) – Fascinating mix of deck building, dungeon crawling, and third-person brawling

Ash of Gods: Redemption (Review) – Pitch-black fantasy RPG using a similar combat system to The Banner Saga

Castle of Illusion (Review) – Not the most ambitious platformer ever, but a very solid Mickey escapade

Unforgiving – A Northern Hymn (Review) – Terrifying horror adventure steeped in Scandinavian myth

The Light Keeps Us Safe (Review) – If you’re okay with an incomplete experience, this one features some unique stealth horror action

Shadowgate (Review) – A fine re-imagining of the classic murder castle adventure

The Silent Age (Review) – Simple but stylish adventure with a neat time travel mechanic

Sproggiwood (Review) – Very likely the cutest classic roguelike you’ll ever play

Odallus: The Dark Call (Review) – One of the best retro-style platformers around, this time in the classic Castlevania vein

Reveal The Deep (Review) – Creepy, atmospheric platform adventure at the bottom of the ocean

Omega Strike (Review) – Decent little metroidvania with a great art style

RymdResa (Review) – Wonderfully chill Asteroids-style roguelike in an absolutely bizarre universe



Hero of the Kingdom III (Review) – Huge miss after the charm and enjoyment of the first two

Cities in Motion 2 (Review) – Huge miss after the charm and enjoyment of the first one

Das Geisterschiff (Review) – Unique look for a dungeon crawler, but terribly lacking in gameplay

Watch This! (Review) – Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemes

Eleusis (Review) – Tragically boring indie horror walking sim set in a creepy Greek village

Firewood (Review) – Another disappointing horror adventure

STANDBY (Review) – Surprisingly obnoxious attempt at a challenge platformer

Hack, Slash, Loot (review) – It’s a roguelike with no tactical decisions to make whatsoever!

Hektor (review) – Nauseating garbage

Twin Sector (Review) – Legendarily bad

Everybody Loves Skeletons (Review) – Not really

Mover (Review) – Barely a game, and I don’t say that lightly

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