Weeklong Deals for 4/13/20

The hits just keep on coming with these Weeklong Deals! It’s a particularly good time for roguelikes, with some genre headliners like Immortal Redneck and Caves of Qud on sale. And there’s plenty more out there for fans of not permanently dying, including horror classics like The Last Door Season 2 and Sanitarium, and some excellent sims like Patrician III and Grand Ages: Rome for only a few dollars. I hope these rock-solid weeklong lineups continue, even if they are keeping me busy with long lists!


Gaming, HO!

SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising (Review) – Very unique top-down roguelike shooter with crazy gun handling and powers

SUPERHOT (Review) – Still one of the most unique and stylish first-person action games out there

Crypt of the NecroDancer (Review) – Brutally hard rhythmic roguelike

Death Road to Canada (Review) – Zombie survival roguelike of hilarious chaos and surprisingly good mechanics

Immortal Redneck (Review) – If not the best FPS-roguelike around, a very strong contender for the throne

Caves of Qud (review) – Mind-bogglingly open and detailed post-apocalyptic roguelike

Sproggiwood (Review) – Absolutely adorable classic roguelike that’ll still challenge genre veterans

Dark Scavenger (Review) – Insanely good text adventure with some brilliant gameplay

Ash of Gods: Redemption (Review) – Pitch black fantasy RPG in the Banner Saga engine

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons (Review) – A clever 3D puzzler loaded with feels

Sanitarium (review) – Dated but entertaining point-and-click horror adventure

The Town of Light (Review) – A rather grounded horror adventure that’s sure to make some uncomfortable

The Last Door: Season 2 (Review) – The back half of my all-time favorite cosmic horror game

Grand Ages: Rome (Review) – Lovely Roman city-builder with some neat character progression

BUTCHER (Review) – Be the Terminator in this ridiculously gory and tough pixel platformer

Hexcells (Review) – Brilliant little puzzler in the Minesweeper vein

Hexcells Plus (Review) – A fine follow-up, but picks up in difficulty where the last leaves off

Super 3-D Noah’s Ark (Review) – It’s like the most earnestly goofy Wolf3D mod ever

Volume (Review) – Extremely sharp level-based stealth game

Bit Blaster XL (Review) – Decent pixelly shmup

Patrician III (Review) – Probably the deepest trading sim you will ever play

Omega Strike (Review) – Solid but unremarkable metroidvania

RymdResa (Review) – Weirdly enthralling asteroids-style roguelike


Gaming, NAY!

Majesty 2 (Review) – What could have been an amazing sequel was dashed to bits by a terrible difficulty curve

Gray Dawn (Review) – Neat premise, and then… things… happened?

Cities in Motion 2 (Review) – Even worse of a sequel than Majesty 2

Rise of Insanity (Review) – Literally nothing you haven’t seen in a “psychological” horror game before

Diamo XL (Review) – I guess it’s an okay concept for arcade action, just done poorly

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