Weeklong Deals for 4/29/19

Happy Golden Week, everyone! To mark the occasion, Steam is having a very special set of Weeklong Deals that pretty much cover all Japanese releases on the platform. That means your Dark Souls, your Resident Evils, visual novels, RPGMaker games, everything is discounted. But there are traditional deals in the mix too, so the lineup is way longer than usual. I bet there’s something you’ll like, though, and plenty of junk to make fun of, too!

Voting for our May Reader’s Choice reviews has ended, and we’ve got a really neat pair of games to cover! On the Switch, we’ll be looking at Steamworld Quest, and back on Steam we’ll be grabbing miniLAW. Keep an eye out at the end of May for our next selection process, and if you’d like to expand our Reader’s Choice options consider donating on our Patreon!



Golf With Your Friends (Review) – Very solid mini-golf game that’s still getting regular content additions

STRIDER (Review) – One of the best metroidvanias around in terms of movement and combat pace

OneShot (Review) – Adorable meta-adventure with some fantastic storytelling

Bayonetta (Review) – Easily one of the highest peaks of the character action genre

The Colonists (Review) – Adorable little building sim with some interesting competitive missions

Long Live The Queen (Review) – Interesting technical visual novel with some challenging choices to make

Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight (Review) – Moody, creative metroidvania in the Dark Souls vein

Castle of Illusion (Review) – A fine little revival of a classic Disney platformer

The Swapper (Review) – Dark, creepy puzzler with unique graphics and a great story

NOT A HERO (Review) – Edgy action platformer with some fantastic action

Yomawari: Night Alone (Review) – Very Japanese horror game that masterfully mixes horror and adorable art

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (Review) – Great follow-up to the first game which improves on the formula in almost every way

One Way Heroics (Review) – Classic-style roguelike with a great gimmick

Orbt XL (Review) – Neat score attack game about maneuvering through orbit

Cities in Motion (Review) – Wonderfully chill transit company management sim

Dropsy (Review) – Precious point-and-click with kooky characters and a vibrant world

RONIN (Review) – Interesting strategic murder sim when the mechanics work

Port Royale 2 (Review) – Dated, but one of my favorite trading sims on Steam

Bloody Streets (Review) – Decent top-down zombie arena shooter

Mr. Sweet (Review) – Captivatingly weird infinite runner



Das Geisterschiff (Review) – Unique-looking sci-fi dungeon crawler with super bland gameplay

Broken Armor (Review) – Nice idea, but too simplistic to be worth the effort

Yōdanji (Review) – I wish this ghostly Pokemon roguelike was good, but it isn’t

NeverEnd (Review) – Cool-looking dungeon crawler that hates you so much

Rise of Insanity (Review) – It’s every boring psychological horror game on Steam

STANDBY (Review) – Don’t make challenge platformers with garbage movement

Langoth (Review) – Man I just don’t know

Space Hack (Review) – Cursed ARPG

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