Weeklong Deals for 8/5/19

It’s a red-letter week for the Weeklong Deals, featuring some excellent picks from the last few months of reviews! Now is a fantastic time to pick up titles like Nova Drift, Yuppie Psycho, Cogmind, and plenty more if you’ve been sleeping on them. There are plenty of good bargain picks too, so no matter what you need right now you should be able to find it.

I’m going to make sure it’s a big week for reviews, too. Expect a new review every day from Tuesday to Friday, with two recent releases and two looks back on games from our original Spooky Games lineup. And we’ve got some big streams coming, with the end of The MISSING tonight and a look at Lovecraftian horror Conarium on Wednesday. We’ve got new bit badges too, if throwing around bits is your thing!

Anyway, DEALS!


Good catch

ABZU (Review) – Wonderfully chill adventure about exploring underwater reefs

Nova Drift (Review) – Intensely fun roguelike take on the Asteroids genre, with an absurd upgrade tree to trick out

Yuppie Psycho (Review) – Office horror adventure with some incredibly creative bits

Sundered: Eldritch Edition (Review) – Fast-paced, vibrant metroidvania with randomized areas and amazing character designs

Cogmind (Review) – This open-ended sci-fi classic roguelike is a strong contender for best in class

Immortal Redneck (Review) – Right near the peak of the first-person roguelike genre

Zombie Driver HD (Review) – Lots of gory, top-down driving fun

Catmaze (Review) – Very neat indie metroidvania based on Slavic myth

NEO Scavenger (Review) – One hell of a survival sim, featuring incredibly in-depth crafting and combat systems

Yoku’s Island Express (Review) – This pinball metroidvania is pure joy in video game form

Orbt XL (Review) – Cute arcadey thing about keeping planets from falling into stars and black holes

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Review) – Still a neat experiment in open-world stealth

Bunker Punks (Review) – Light on mechanics, but big on retro Wolf3D action

Bit Blaster XL (Review) – A perfectly serviceable side-scrolling shmup

The Painscreek Killings (Review) – Solid, immersive investigation game if you are the diligent type

Nihilumbra (Review) – Good puzzle platformer with an unreliable narrator and a neat painting mechanic

Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call (Review) – Not quite as good as the first, but still a top-tier hidden object game

Cities in Motion (Review) – Classic, indispensable transport management sim

Shotgun Legend (Review) – Cute little homage to the original Zelda

Straimium Immortaly (Review) – An absolute fever-dream of a roguelike shooter, with some very rewarding discoveries for you

Shattered Planet (Review) – Great little sci-fi coffee break roguelike

Shadowgate (Review) – Very solid remake of the original murder castle adventure

Courier of the Crypts (Review) – Decent top-down puzzle adventure with some great pixel art

Job the Leprechaun (Review) – The most baseline platformer I will ever give a thumbs up to

Blackbay Asylum (review) – Surprisingly clever and spooky for what seems like a trashy top-down adventure


Bad catch

Hard West (Review) – Demonic wild west XCOM sounds amazing, and you might like it but I didn’t care for the mechanics

Heavy Bullets (Review) – One of the weaker first-person roguelikes I’ve played

Diamo XL (Review) – Another arcadey thing, but not as fun as the others on this list

Broken Armor (Review) – I see what they were going for with this simple shooter, but it’s just too bland

STANDBY (Review) – Obnoxious and clunky challenge platformer

1953 – KGB Unleashed (review) – Wildly obtuse first-person point-and-click that might be horror at some point


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